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Ashlan & Philippe Cousteau Launch SeaWeed Naturals Premium Wellness Brand

From world-renowned ocean advocates Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau comes a first-of-its-kind wellness brand, combining the commonly known benefits of the cannabis plant with the regenerative powers of marine botanicals to create products to simultaneously sustain the customer and the planet.

Ashlan and Philippe have dedicated their lives to ocean conservation and sustainability. That mindset is central to the philosophy of SeaWeed Naturals. In fact, SeaWeed Naturals product line seeks not simply to preserve the ocean, but to restore the ocean through restorative farming techniques, charitable efforts, and the creation of sustainable blue jobs.

SeaWeed Naturals' pursuit of healing the ocean is mirrored in its ability to renew its customers. With natural ingredients in a novel combination, SeaWeed Naturals products can promote collagen production, relieve inflammation, and reduce aging. What's more, they enable a healthy lifestyle with holistic benefits, improving brain, organ, and bone and joint health. All these benefits are unlocked through the use of seaweed, algae, and kelp, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

SeaWeed Naturals is a brand for the ocean, from the ocean, backed by a team with a decades-long dedication to ocean education, preservation, and restoration. View the links below to start participating in our collective growth.

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Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 3:1

SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD rich Crème was created to target muscle aches, inflammation, skin disorders, insect bites, dermatitis, and localized pain. 

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Comfort Body Oil

With over 400 mg of cannabinoids, SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD-rich body oil targets aches and pains with its soothing blend of jojoba, coconut, antioxidants, seaweed and Omega-3.

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Comfort Lip Balm

Calming and soothing, SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD-rich lip balm combines a delicate blend of essential oils with the benefits of seaweed and Omega-3.


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