From the ocean, for the ocean

Harnessing the power of nature, world-renowned adventurers and ocean advocates Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau have created the first premium wellness brand that fuses the rejuvenating benefits of the ocean with the healing properties of the cannabis plant. Using the wonders of restoratively farmed seaweeds, algae and kelp, SeaWeed Naturals is the first brand to combine marine botanicals with full spectrum CBD/THC oils. The result is a collection of proprietary Ocean/Plant Botanical formulas created to renew both our customers and our precious seas.

We are an impact brand

Through our products, our values, and our charitable activities, SeaWeed Naturals is restoring the ocean, providing sustainable jobs, growing the blue economy, restoring biodiversity, and combating climate change. We know that seems like a lot, but it is amazing what we can achieve when we work together, hand in hand with the ocean, to enhance the health and wellness of ourselves and the planet.

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Comfort Body Oil

With over 400 mg of cannabinoids, SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD-rich body oil targets aches and pains with its soothing blend of jojoba, coconut, antioxidants, seaweed and Omega-3.

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Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 1:3

SeaWeed Naturals’ 1:3 THC-Rich Comfort Balm is packed with cannabinoids, shea butter, seaweed and Omega-3 – offering whole plant relief for muscle soreness, bruises, aching tendons, itchiness, bug bites and other inflammation.

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Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 3:1

SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD rich Crème was created to target muscle aches, inflammation, skin disorders, insect bites, dermatitis, and localized pain. 

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Comfort Tincture CBD/THC 30:1

30:1 SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD-Rich tincture combines cannabinoids, seaweed and Omega-3, to help with nausea, headaches, body pain and stomach inflammation.

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