SeaWeed Naturals

About Our Brand

SeaWeed Naturals is a first-of-its-kind lifestyle brand, creating products that bring customers the established benefits of the cannabis plant, combined with the countless powerful effects of marine botanicals. This represents a new standard for consumers, creating an entirely new wellness category. For the same price, our customers can enjoy the enhanced benefits of cannabinoids and the ocean all at once.

SeaWeed Naturals Badge: From the Ocean, For the Ocean
Image of giant kelp

Why SeaWeed?

Nature’s best kept secrets, seaweed and algae, are naturally occurring ingredients that hydrate, minimize fine lines, promote collagen production, boost radiance, and help treat hyper pigmentation in skin. They are also rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamin C, and collagen. Marine algae (which contains Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA) helps relieve inflammation in skin and reduces aging from environmental aggressors like pollution. In addition, seaweed is safe for all skin types including those prone to breakouts and rosacea.

When ingested in our edible gummies, seaweed is a superfood and the Omega 3Amino acids have been proven to improve the health of your skin, organs, bones and joints, and crucially, your brain. In addition, Omega 3’s have been shown to combat inflammation and fight depression and anxiety.

Why We Exist

To create products that bring the power of the ocean to both enhance the health and wellness of all people and restore our ocean planet.

To build a better future for ourselves and our children, while remaining transparent in all aspects of our business practice.

To build the emerging blue economy and provide economic and ecological benefits to local communities and producers through ethical and restorative practices.

What do we mean by Restorative?

Well, right now the ocean is in pretty bad shape, more than half the world’s coral reefs are dead or dying, global fish stocks are plummeting, the water is warming, its getting more acidic...we could go on and on. Bottom line...we don’t want to sustain the ocean as it is...we want to restore it to abundance. One of the most powerful ways we can do that is by investing in restorative ocean practices.

Seaweed farming

And there is a mighty ocean weed that can do just that. Seaweed baby! Seaweed acts as a carbon sink (aka, it absorbs CO2), it produces healthy marine ecosystems and nurseries for baby ocean animals, it helps reduce wave energy and protects shorelines, it elevates the pH and supplies oxygen into the water (thereby locally reducing the effects of ocean acidification and de-oxygenation). Seaweed can also help reduce the emissions from agriculture, by improving soil quality when used as a natural fertilizer and when included in cattle fed, lowering methane emissions from cattle. And seaweed can even be used as a biofuel!

Man farming seaweed on a boat, with a dog

In other words, seaweed is awesome and seaweed farming is really awesome! Our partners at Atlantic Sea Farms in Maine are on the cutting edge of that work here in the United States and that is why we source our seaweed ingredients from them. Not only are their seaweed farms sequestering carbon and providing habitats for ocean life, they’re also giving sustainable income to fisherman up and down the coast of Maine who are watching their livelihoods (lobster fishing) decline because of climate change and the related migration of lobster into the colder northern waters across the border in Canada. Atlantic Sea Farms products are certified: Gulf of Maine Responsibly Harvested, Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Best Choice, Non-GMO Project Verified.

Now on to our other powerhouse ingredient, algae. While we all know the benefits of taking Omega 3s, many people get theirs from fish or krill oil. That is a BIG PROBLEM, because we are fishing countless tons of fish and krill out of the ocean in order to grind them down into Omega 3 oil or powder. It’s devastating fish populations around the world and also destroying the vitally important krill, a tiny crustacean that lives around Antarctica and is the basis of the entire ocean food web. So yeah, they are kinda important. But there is a solution. You see, fish get their DHA from eating phytoplankton, which get it from eating microalgae. That means the true source of DHA is the microalgae. By cutting out the middleman (or middle fish) and going straight to the source, we can get a vegan-friendly form of DHA, and save 750 anchovies and herrings or several pounds of krill per each bottle of vitamins in the process.

We partnered with Algorithm, a company in Canada that produces plant-based, ocean-friendly Omega-3 ingredients derived from micro-algae. That way we can bring the benefits of Omega 3’s to our customers in a way that reduces dependence on the terribly damaging fish and krill fisheries and provide good sustainable jobs in the process...a win/win for all of us.

Creating an Impact

From supporting the communities and producers who source our ingredients to our 5% of profits give back to ocean education, protection, and restoration - we are all about creating a long-lasting legacy with every product we create! Together with our customers, we can forge a better world for our children and future generations.

SeaWeed Naturals is supporting two organizations to achieve these goals

Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau educate youth with EarthEcho

EarthEcho International is a leading non-profit building a global youth movement to protect and restore our ocean planet. To date, EarthEcho has reached more than 2 million people in 146 countries with the tools and knowledge to become stewards of the ocean in order to activate the next generation of environmental leaders.

AltaSea’s Project Blue, an ocean-related education and workforce development program. Project Blue focuses on the BlueEconomy and giving youth in historically neglected communities access to education and career pathway training that can lead them towards stronger, more influential jobs in the Blue Economy. For example, this year USC graduate students will travel to Oscar de la Hoya Animo High School in Los Angeles where 100% of the students enrolled are low-income students of color. Later programs will focus on other emerging industries such as renewable ocean energy.