SeaWeed Naturals Announces Product Line

Includes a variety of Skincare Products, Tinctures, and Gummies

SeaWeed Naturals, the new premium wellness brand from Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau, has a product line as exciting as its origins and mission. 

The initial offering includes topicals and edibles, all produced with SeaWeed Naturals' signature combination of cannabis and marine botanicals. Topicals available will be the Comfort Body Oil, the Comfort Lip Balm, and two different varieties of Comfort Body Balm. Edibles on offer will be two varieties of gummies, dubbed High Tide and Low Tide, as well as two varieties of tinctures. Find a breakdown of the products available below:


Comfort Body Oil

Made from coconut oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba, cannabis, kelp, Omega-3, eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, lemon, and lavender, this body oil is a versatile topical that can be used for whole body comfort or deep targeted therapy. And using it couldn't be easier: shake lightly, then apply a few drops to the affected area before gently massaging in circular motions. Then, relax and let the power of the ocean restore you.

Comfort Lip Balm

A soothing and restorative way to prevent dryness and irritation, the Comfort Lip Balm carries the same spirit as all SeaWeed Naturals products. Comfort Lip Balm is made from soybean oil, sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, lavender oil, aloe leaf, cannabis, kelp, and Omega-3. Apply liberally and massage in until completely absorbed. 

Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 1:3

Another versatile topical, Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 1:3 is packed with cannabinoids to provide maximum relief for various ailments. If you're struggling with muscle soreness, itchiness, inflammation, bruises, or even bug bites, this balm is for you. Apply liberally to any affected area and gently massage until completely absorbed.

Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 3:1

The CBD-rich variant of Body Comfort Balm can be used for the same applications as the THC-rich variant, but with an added emphasis on soothing relaxation. Make it part of your daily routine to give yourself the feeling of a relaxing dip in the ocean. The ingredients used are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and can hydrate, promote collagen production, and minimize fine lines.


Low Tide Starfish Gummies

Cannabis gummies are already a thing of wonder, and SeaWeed Naturals provides the best take on the formula by adding the healing power of the ocean. Low Tide gummies offer a perfect way to relax at the end of a long day, combining 10 mg of Indica cannabinoids with melatonin. That, along with SeaWeed Naturals seaweed and sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly DHA Omega-3 fatty acids, will guide you to healthy, natural relaxation. We recommend taking one half of one gummy, waiting two hours, then scaling up to your desired effect.

High Tide Starfish Gummies

As you may expect, High Tide provides many of the same benefits as Low Tide, but with a slightly different mission. With 10 mg of Sativa cannabinoids, and no melatonin, High Tide will elevate your mood and help you feel focussed. Because SeaWeed Naturals uses only the purest THC oils for maximum potency, High TIde carries the same dosage recommendation as Low Tide. 

Comfort Tincture CBD/THC 1:20

The THC-rich variant of Comfort Tincture is here to effectively combat anxiety, nausea, inflammation, and more with fast-acting relief. As with all SeaWeed Naturals products, the marine botanicals included have proven benefits for skin, organ, bone, and brain health. Drop a dose under your tongue and wait for the effect, or mix a drop with a beverage.

Comfort Tincture CBD/THC 30:1

The CBD-rich variant of Comfort Tincture provides relaxing relief for headaches, body pain, and nausea. Use it under your tongue or drop it in tea or juice and feel yourself begin to float right through your day, relaxed and rejuvenated. 


SeaWeed Naturals is proud to launch with an incredibly strong offering of wellness products, all combining the long-established benefits of cannabis with the natural power of the ocean.

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SeaWeed Naturals’ High Tide starfish gummies combine the powerful benefits of restoratively farmed seaweed and algae with the healing power of cannabis.

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Body Comfort Balm CBD/THC 3:1

SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD rich Crème was created to target muscle aches, inflammation, skin disorders, insect bites, dermatitis, and localized pain. 

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Comfort Body Oil

With over 400 mg of cannabinoids, SeaWeed Naturals’ CBD-rich body oil targets aches and pains with its soothing blend of jojoba, coconut, antioxidants, seaweed and Omega-3.


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